Double Sided Pin & Bristle Bamboo Brush

By Pet Wiz


Our double sided bamboo dog brush is the perfect brush for all dog breeds and different coats, and an essential item to include for your pampered pooches grooming routine. The brush features one side with round needles that is perfect for combing hair and combatting knots, whilst also getting rid of any loose hair. The reverse side of the brush uses ethically sourced boar bristles which effectively combs and cares for your dog’s hair, whilst always providing a comfortable experience for your pooch. Arriving in an eco- friendly, reusable pet wiz branded brush bag ensuring you can keep the brush clean when not in use and great for transport.

Size Guide

Suitable for sizes of pets & coat types!

Care Instructions

Comes packaged to you in an eco-friendly, reusable brush bag with a drawstring, to keep closed when not in use so the brush can be kept clean and hygienic.


Brush handle
Made of bamboo, which is natural and environmentally friendly, whilst providing a smooth and polished finish for a durable brush.

Bristle type
One side featuring round pin needles, great for combing hair and combatting knots in your dogs hair.
Reverse side features ethically sourced boar bristles, with both sides effectively working together to comb and care for your dogs hair.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Judith Phillips
I’m very pleased with my dog brush

I was very pleased with my dog brush. However the box it arrived in was smashed in all directions and the bristles were smashed sideways. I phoned Ana Wiz , who was very helpful and offered me another brush to see how that parcel arrived. I agreed to let her know.
When the parcel came the box was very battered again but it did have more inside packing and the brush wasn’t damaged this time.
I am very pleased wit he brush and because of this and Ana’s helpful attitude I would be happy to use this company again.

Great brush!

Works well with my cockapoo, leaving her coat tangle free!