Brewers Yeast

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Naturally rich in vitamin B, protein, amino acids, and minerals to support animals overall health. Brewer’s Yeast is particularly beneficial for animals during growth, pregnancy, and lactation. Brewers Yeast is beneficial for all animals including dogs, cats, horses, and ducks. 


Improves Digestion: With its naturally high fibre content, brewer’s yeast helps with digestion and promotes healthy gut flora. This is especially beneficial for ducklings as they have very sensitive digestive systems.

Immune System Support: With its high mineral and vitamin content, brewer’s yeast can be really helpful for pets immune system health, especially for young ducklings who are more prone to sickness but is great for all animals to reduce the risk of infection.

Skin and Coat Health: Providing beneficial fatty acids which help to improve animals skin condition and coat shine, leaving their fur looking healthy and shiny!

Energy and Vitality: The Vitamin B content helps to boost the energy levels, which is great for developing animals.

Stress Reduction: Brewers Yeast can have a positive impact on pets struggling with stress and anxiety, as it can calm the nervous system.

Naturally Repels Fleas and Ticks: Helping to keep the pesky animals away, the powder helps to repel fleas and ticks to prevent an infestation in your animals habitat.

Weight Management: Promotes satiety, helping with weight control.

Support for Lactating and Pregnant Animals: Providing essential nutrients, vitamins and protein for increased needs throughout this stage.


Suggested Servings:
Dogs per 10kg: 1g daily
Cats: 0.5g daily

• The powder can simply be mixed into the daily food.
• Introduce gradually.
• Consult a veterinarian for appropriate dosage and suitability for specific animals.


• Brewers yeast powder.

Analytical Constituents:
• Oil (B): 5%
• Protein: >40%
• Ash: 6%
• Fibre: <0.5%
• Moisture: <8%
• Pepsin Digestibility: >85%

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