Easy Whelp - 200g



Age: Whelping & Puppy Care

Condition: Hormones & Reproduction

Easy-Whelp is a pregnant dog food supplement that aids normal whelping, lactation in bitches and helps to increase puppy viability. 

Many problems can be encountered both at and after whelping including:-

•Puppy mortality (fading puppy syndrome)
•Prolonged whelping
•Bacterial diseases and many more

If whelping is slowed down, infection of the uterus is more likely to occur and increases the risk of still-births and weak puppies.

If we were able to encourage the ideal whelping, the following would be of high priority:
1)More rapid whelping
2)Less disease
3)Higher percentage of strong, viable puppies
4)A less excitable/restless bitch-more settles and keen to feed and accept her puppies
5)Rapid uterine recovery after whelping-less metritis, less discharge and more time for the uterus to 'clean up'

It is a complete 20 day course which is added to the pregnant dog's feed 10 days before expected whelping and continued for 10 days after whelping. Easy-Whelp includes a very specific form of calcium which is the most readily available source of calcium by mouth.

Other pregnant dog food options include Raspberry Leaf.


Aids normal whelping & lactation, and increases puppy viability


Suggested daily intake:- 10gm (2tsp) daily over bitch's feed for 10 days before expected whelping, until 10 days after whelping.