Hypercoat Prime - 250ml



Hypercoat Prime is made from cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil, one of the healthiest food oils available and one of the best sources of Omega Oils (3,6 & 9) which is probably the highest amount available on the market today. Hemp Seed Oil comes from a sustainable source without the use of pesticides or fertilisers and does not contain heavy metals and toxins such as Mercury which can be associated with fish oils from ocean pollution. The Oil is free from any known allergens (Lactose, Gluten, Nuts etc) and is low in saturated fat and makes a substantial contribution to the intake of essential fatty acids which are required for good health. 


Attains & Maintains a show winning coat.
Reduces excessive moulting.
Contains 87% Omega Oils (3,6 and 9).
Nourishes dry skin, blotches and lesions.


Suggested daily intake:- 1ml per kg body weight up to a max of 15ml over feed.

For badly damaged coats and bald spots, massage direct into skin.


Cold pressed hempseed oil. Analvtical constituents per 100g junless otherwise stated: Energy 3700KJ/900 Kcal. Prowin 0.0 gm. Carbolydrate 0.0 gma, Pat 100 gm of which Saturates 012 gm, of which Monosaturates 12.8 gul, of which Omega 9 - 12.3 am), Polyunsaturates. 78 gm of which Omega 3 - 18.7 gm. of which Omega 6 - 36.6 gm). Gamma Linolenic Acid GLA 3.3 gm, Fibre 09 um, Sodium 00 gm.


Vitamin A 133.000 mg/Kg. Vitamin D35, 100 mg/ Kg. Vitamin E 1215 mg/Kg las vitamins