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By Pet Wiz


The easiest and most effective way to remove mud and wetness from your furry friends coat after their adventures! It is perfect for keeping your house and car clean after a muddy walk, with your pet quickly drying in the drying bag. You simply zip the bag around your pet, use the Velcro strap to secure, and start rubbing! Your pet will be dry and warm, and your car seats or floor will be mess free with the wetness being absorbed by the bag. The bag has been made from premium-grade, super soft microfibre material to offer great absorption and comfort for your pet! The drying bag is offered in three sizes: extra small, small and medium and in two colour options: sky blue and sand. You will be sure to find one that is perfect for you and your pooch!

Size Guide

XS: Length - 45cm, Height - 34cm, Neck - 30cm
S: Length - 62cm, Height - 42cm, Neck - 40cm
M: Length - 82cm, Height - 62cm, Neck - 50cm

Care Instructions

Machine washable on a cold wash setting.


Micofibre bag, velcro strap

Customer Reviews

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Fabulous product

Such a simple idea but how did I ever manage without this?! Great for when we've finished a wet and muddy walk and I need to get my dog into the car quickly...just pop him onto the opened blanket, secure the velcro collar then zip him in. No mess. No stress. No shivers. Same after a bath. This is like a sleeping bag but towelling and washes really well, dries quickly and enables me to contain my excitable pooch while I clear away. Very useful and worthwhile purchase with excellent speed of dispatch.